Hajj & Umrah

Experience and what it offers in terms of strengthened foundation and continuous fine tuning, along with our keen dedication to offer the highest level of service consistently are the keys to our sustained success.
During Hajj and Umrah trips our main concern is to offer our pilgrims a worry free experience where they can truly enjoy the soul cleansing spiritual experience.

We offer the best hotels and the most convenient locations, closest to Al-Haramain Al-sharifayn.
Sheikhs and public religious figures always accompany our groups to give a sense of security and confidence.
They are available to answer any questions as well as give guidance as to religious practices and rituals.
To facilitate the hardships of Hajj pilgrimage, we have been known to offer exceptional services and attention to detail including accurate program planning, time schedules, transportation and choice of accommodation. Our Arafat and Mena camps are designed to leave our pilgrims mentally and physically relaxed and ready to embrace those holy days.

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